Abigail Featherstone


Hello, my name is Abigail Featherstone and I am an Illustrator and Potter from Whitby, North Yorkshire on the North East coast of England. After leaving school I did an extended diploma in Art and Design at Middlesborough College where I experimented with many different disciplines but truly found my love for painting and traditional media. After college, I went to Edinburgh College of Art where I studied BA(Hons) Illustration. Now, I am the artist in residence at The Geall Gallery in Grosmont, North Yorkshire. I lived next door to this gallery for 10 years of my childhood and it's a dream come true to say I now work here alongside Chris.

My art expresses my love for bold and bright colours, my surroundings and places that mean the most to me. I love using a range of mark-making techniques within my work, especially through traditional media. This has helped form my quirky contemporary style. I have been drawing and painting my whole life. From a young age, I always knew I wanted to be an artist.

My painting work is acrylic on hand-cut MDF canvas boards. I first started painting on wood because my Dad always had scrap pieces of plywood from his work. Now I buy big sheets of MDF and cut my canvas boards to size. I regularly take on painting commissions, often of people's family homes or a place that means a lot to them. I truly love being able to fill people's homes with my art, it's the best part of my job.


Since joining The Geall Gallery I have trained as a framer to frame my original paintings and prints. All my frames are hand-built by myself and lime waxed. Framing my own works gives me the freedom to take on requests for specific sizes. 


Back in 2019, I used to make and sell ceramic earrings. I loved working with clay which led me to start properly potting in November 2021. Since then I have been teaching myself through YouTube tutorials and the guidance of Chris to throw mugs, plates and bowls and hand-build tealight houses. I quickly fell in love with the process of throwing and loved transferring my illustrative skills onto practical pottery.

You can find my work in The Geall Gallery (Grosmont), Strong Seas Gallery (Whitby), The Abbey Tearooms (Whitby) and here on my website, underneath 'Shop'. If you have any questions or requests please feel free to email me, thank you for reading my ramblings! 

- Abigail Featherstone 


Abigail Featherstone