Hello, my name is Abigail Featherstone and I am a multi-disciplinary artist, specialising in illustration and painting. Born 'n bred in Whitby, North Yorkshire. I am a 2021 graduate from Edinburgh College of Art who has returned to my hometown to start running my small business. 

I define my practice as multi-disciplinary because illustration and painting are my primary practises but I also work in animation and ceramics. Generally, my work is based on atmosphere, community and kindness. Usually, this work is also centred around landscape and architecture. I enjoy exploring bold and bright colour schemes and a range of pattern and mark-making techniques within my work, which has helped form my natural quirky contemporary style.

For my final year at university, I chose to focus on projects which are tailored towards working for small local businesses, specifically those from my hometown, Whitby. This is based on my own personal pledge of shopping, eating and supporting small local. I want to create work for small businesses as it often means a lot more to them and helps support the local independent high street.

I enjoy illustrating for editorial, social media campaigns and advertising and I take pride in creating work for clients and businesses whose morals and values resonate with my own.

A large amount of my work is based around selling and exhibiting original Acrylic on MDF paintings of Yorkshire landscapes. I often take on painting commissions to paint the places that mean the most to my clients, often a family home or family business. 

I can proudly say I am now an artist in residence at The Geall Gallery, Grosmont, North Yorkshire. I lived next door to this gallery for 10 years of my childhood and it's a dream come true to say I work here. I am now working towards exhibiting my painting work and taking on illustration and painting commissions.

Exciting things in the making and ceramics coming soon...