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I'm so pleased to announce that I got my pottery collection glazed and fired last week! I'm blown away by how many pots have sold already. They seem to fly out the door faster and faster each time. I worked on a pre-order system with this batch and it seemed to work well, therefore I will be keeping it! So, if you are interested in buying pots from my next batch (Hopefully May/June time) please get in touch and place a pre-order. There is no need for a deposit and no obligation to buy if you change your mind.

My favourite and most popular pots from this collection were my strawberry pasta bowls. They seemed to work well and I'm proud of how they turned out! They will certainly be making a return with the next batch!

For now, I will spend this month painting and framing whilst planning and designing my next batch of pots. I've also got some exciting news about a new stockist to share next time...

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