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Firstly, sorry for the super late blog post. It's one of those things I kept forgetting to do. Anyway, we are here now so let's tell you about what I've been up to this month!

Firstly, I've sold a couple of paintings this month which has been fantastic. It's so heartwarming to see the gallery getting busier and for paintings to go to new homes. A lot of my work recently has been requested to be framed so I've been working on my framing skills to get my miters more and more accurate too!

One of the sold paintings, Runswick Bay - Original

Also, my next small-batch pottery collection is so close to being ready for the first firing now. It's so exciting and equally as nerve-wrenching preparing months' worth of pots ready for the make-it-or-break-it moment of the first firing in the kiln. I'm hoping by the end of the month they shall be ready!

Once these pots are glazed and fired I will list them on my Instagram stories first and then on my website as I tend to sell a large majority through Instagram. As ever, if you want first dibs on a pot feel free to message me and I'll save it for you.

My last pottery collection, February 2024

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Love the whitby abbey painting and it looks great hanging on a wall all of its own. As for the framework, no improvement needed - it's top notch work. Thank you

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