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Exciting project announcements & new pots are on the way!

Happy New Year everyone, what an amazing start to the year it's been.

This month I'm very excited to announce I will collaborate with The Whitby Witch to design and create a set of Whitby-themed candles! I will design the vessels, and The Whitby Witch will blend the refillable fragrance. Making them a sustainable way to use and buy candles whilst also supporting independent & Whitby-based artisans! It will be a few months until you'll be able to purchase one, but sit tight because these are going to be fabulous!

I've also been working on a new pottery collection. Since selling my last pots so quickly I decided this time to create a pre-order system across my social media. Don't panic if you don't follow me on socials, you still have time to message or email me to put in an order. My prices range from £24-£36 however I will give you an accurate price before you place an order. I was aiming to have these done by the end of this month, however, I'm running behind schedule slightly so these will probably be getting fired in February.

Sorry for the slightly late post, 2024 has had a busy start and we are full steam ahead! Thank you for reading my ramblings :)

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