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Updated: Nov 15, 2023

We are officially potting again & finishing the big commission.

This month I've finally managed to spin some pots on the wheel for the first time this year. My hand still has no feeling, but I've decided to go with it as I'm stubborn and won't wait any longer. The first week of throwing was challenging and almost made me give up. But this week was a lot more successful and I made a batch of mugs and dishes!

As for commissions, I've been working on a series of three paintings one of which is 20X60" of the North York Moors. The other two are of Whitby West Side and The Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge. Also, they are all going to Switzerland! This is the most exciting commission I have done and for some very lovely people too which makes it all the better. For now, I can only share a sneak peek of one until they arrive safely at their new home.

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